QNAP ファームウェア 4.1.0 build 0530

「TS-110 TurboNAS」をアップデートしてみました。

QTS 4.1.0 build 0530

[Brand new apps]
-Notes Station
-Signage Station
-Virtualization Station (For TVS & TS-x79 series)
[Enhancements & Changes]
-[Desktop] QTS desktop performance enhancement
-[Backup] Support Mac OS X 10.9 Time Machine backup
-[Shared Folder] The USB shared folder can now be removed.
-Updated the NTP service to 4.2.7p26 (CVE-2013-5211 & VU#348126).
-[Multimedia Management] The Recording and Web shared folders will not be scanned by default for multimedia applications.
-Updated the LAN driver (for TS-x59, x69, x10, x12, x19, x20, x21 models) for improved network connection quality.
-[System] Supports sleep mode (TS-x69L, x69 Pro, x70, x70 Pro series only).
-[General Settings] Added the Nepal time zone.
-[External Device] Ability to recognize and set volume labels (TS-x69, x70, x79 series only).
-[Wi-Fi adapters] Supports new USB Wi-Fi adapters: netis WF-2111 & WF2120 and SAPIDO AU-4912, 4512S.
-[Storage Manager] Removed the option to format internal drives into the EXT3 file system.
App Center:
-Added the My Licenses category for license management.
-Added the Public Apps category. Shortcuts of the apps in this category will show up on the photo-wall login screen.
Photo Station 4.0:
-Support Photo Wall for QTS login screen
-Support Smart album
-Support Facebook accounts login
-Added Sharing history
-Support Google Map with multi geo locations
-Folder can be saved as album
Music Station:
– Support USB DAC
Download Station 4.0:
-Support proxy server
-Remove Rapidshare support
-Remove ISOhunt search site
Media Library:
-Separate into media management and transcoding management
-Support folder monitoring for ongoing transcoding
-Support multiple volumes
-Support sub folders
-All shares are added by default
-Support user privilege
-Support DSD audio format
-Support CUE indexing file for APE and FLAC audio format
-Support video online transcoding (x70,x51)
File Station:
-Enhanced sharing wizard
-Keyboard hot key support
-Upload support via sharing link
-Background task
-Media viewer
-VLC player streaming support
-Smart filter
-Non-admin users can now share download links
-Support video transcoding
-Performance enhancement
-Support version control
-Brand new portal with easy file access
Surveillance Station 5:
-Monitoring page
 A.Interactive control buttons replaces the previously-fixed PTZ control panel
 B.Instant playback to check suspicious events of a camera channel you just missed
 C.Same-screen IP camera configuration (without leaving the monitoring page)
-Playback page
 A.Playback and speed control with shuttle bar
 B.Preview videos with thumbnails
 C.Zoom in for greater detail
 D.Supports low bandwidth mode
 E.Extract video for export with different resolutions supported
-Provides 2/4 free recording channels (varies by model)
-Smart recording for specific cameras
-New cameras support
[Major Bugs Fixed]
-Unable to open PSD files if they are uploaded through AFP.
-Losing connection to NAS when creating Q-RAID 1.
-NAS may be unresponsive after HD Station installation.
-Unable to restart the system after virus scanning jobs are finished.
-Scheduled power on fails after the NAS is powered off by scheduled.
-Improve the TS-x69L/Pro XBMC tearing symptom.
-Wi-Fi password now allows all ASCII characters except the double quote (“)
-When the disk volume is full, the user cannot access data via samba/afp protocol.
-After encrypting the disk and rebooting the NAS, the Home Folder is inaccessible after decryption.
-The Seagate Backup Plus STDR1000201 cannot be detected by the TS-559 Pro II.
-The Disk Health showing an abnormal SMART value for item 196 Reallocated Block Count for Crucial M500 SSDs.
-Fixed TLS Heartbleed Extension OpenSSL vulnerabilities by recompiling OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160)
-ARM-based models may reboot unexpectedly.
-Windows 8.1 reports “Size on disk” as unusually large value
-After disk volume is full, SMB/AFP cannot connect to access data
-Occasionally fails to correctly save Adobe Illustrator AI files if saved using AFP.
If you have attempted to upgrade to QTS 4.1.0 Build 0504 and above but encountered issues that resulted in a failed upgrade, please install the Qfix patch by following the instructions below:
-Solution for unsuccessful firmware update (QTS 4.1.0 Build 0504 and above)
Issue Description:
-Under certain circumstances, a Turbo NAS with a firmware version prior to QTS 4.1.0 Build 0504 may experience an unsuccessful firmware update.
-Applicable Turbo NAS firmware versions: 3.8.3 ~ 4.1.0 Build 0421
Please note: Please upgrade your Turbo NAS firmware first if it is older than Version 3.8.3, or contact QNAP technical support for further assistance.
-If you have experienced a failed Turbo NAS firmware upgrade whilst updating to QTS 4.1.0 Build 0504 and onward: first install the Qfix patch manually.  After the Qfix installation, DO NOT restart the Turbo NAS, and proceed to update the firmware directly either via online live update or manual update.
-Note: If you are still having issues with updating firmware, please contact QNAP Technical Support at http://helpdesk.qnap.com/
-The Qfix patch can be downloaded from:
-Cannot playback program in TV Station when using Chrome or Firefox in Ubuntu-32bit.
-Unable to use QUSBCam live view in Firefox.(Support Chrome only)
-Sometimes it will fail to backup when using Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2012.
-Cannot use USB3.0 for Kworld 399U in TS-669, TS-870 and TS-879.
-Cannot extend ESXi 5.5 in file-based LUN.
-Unable to create files after extended ESXi 5.5 in Block-based LUN.
-Unable to join Additional Domain Controller to Windows 2012/R2 ADDC.
-Unable to playback music via USB Speaker in Music Station when connected via USB 3.0.


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